Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Facilities

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VGXI HeadquartersState-of-the-Art Headquarters

Situated within the Deison Technology Park in Conroe, TX, VGXI’s new Plasmid DNA manufacturing headquarters is a cutting-edge facility that boasts 120,000 square feet of fit-for-purpose contract development and manufacturing. We proudly house independent manufacturing trains, with flexible fermentation capacities of 10L up to 1500L, along with expanded GMP fill/finish capabilities to delivering end-to-end manufacturing solutions. Our facility also has dedicated micro-process suites designed for small-scale, rapid turnaround production ideally suited for personalized therapies or clients with accelerated timeline requirements.

In anticipation of VGXI’s continued growth, we have dedicated space earmarked for additional pDNA suites and mRNA production. With this strategic allocation, our facilities stand ready to spearhead advancements in this rapidly evolving field to empower our clients to achieve success in their mRNA-based therapeutic programs.

To ensure seamless operations, our facility is equipped with an auxiliary backup power generation system that guarantees an uninterrupted power supply across the entire site.

VGXI in The Woodlands

VGXI also operates a 40,000 square foot Plasmid DNA manufacturing facility in The Woodlands, TX, which has 11,000 square feet of production space with full environmental control and monitoring in compliance with ISO class 8 to class 5 (209E Class 100) regulations. A stringent line clearance program is in place to maintain product integrity, prevent contamination, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Additionally, one-way flow for materials and personnel further enhances risk mitigation. The facility has dedicated areas for Process Development, cGMP Cell Banking, and cGMP Production.