cGMP Cell Banking

Technicians work in a hood to produce a cell bank

Creation of a high quality, high-yielding master cell bank is the cornerstone of our cGMP plasmid manufacturing program’s success.  The higher your cell bank’s specific yield, the more product you will receive in each manufacturing run (i.e. lower unit cost).

It Pays To Be Picky.

Our unique cell banking process ensures you will get a high yielding master cell bank that generates high quality plasmid with minimal secondary forms.  We have observed a 10 fold difference in plasmid yield from colonies picked from the same plate! Therefore, as an additional service we can provide yield optimization through the comprehensive analysis of each individual colony for both yield and quality.

All of our cGMP cell banking activities are performed in a dedicated cGMP cell banking area.  We can work with a bacterial cell line of your choosing or you can let our experts suggest a strain for your project.

Recommended cGMP Cell Bank Testing:

  • cGMP Sequencing
  • Cell Viability
  • Plasmid Retention
  • Phage Testing
  • Fungal Contamination Testing
  • Bacterial Contamination Testing
  • Other tests as requested

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