VGXI GMP Plasmid Manufacturing FacilitySpecializing in cGMP Plasmid Manufacturing

VGXI, Inc. is a leading contract manufacturer of DNA plasmids. We deliver flexibility, experience, reliability and value to our clients’ challenging programs. The company’s cGMP and non-cGMP products have passed rigorous international regulatory reviews. VGXI’s patented manufacturing process and cGMP production facilities give us the ability to work with your unique requirements. The unsurpassed knowledge and ingenuity of our team can be leveraged to create a custom manufacturing solution for the benefit of your organization.

VGXI will build a solid foundation for your program with our DNA plasmid production services. We manufacture QUALITY DNA plasmids.  Our production services include:  cGMP DNA plasmids for clinical through commercial supply, highly documented (HD) DNA plasmids for virus production and toxicology studies and high purity plasmid DNA preparations for pre-clinical research.  The VGXI manufacturing staff is comprised of experts in Process Development, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Validation of plasmid-based biopharmaceuticals. Finally, VGXI has an outstanding track record of success in manufacturing challenging plasmid products under cGMP conditions with exceptional yield, quality and prompt delivery.  We supply DNA plasmids worldwide for clinical studies and comply with multiple regulatory agencies.


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