VIDEO: Congressman Visits VGXI Facility to Celebrate DARPA Award and Ebola Vaccine Manufacturing

VGXI supports expedited development and scale-up of multiple vaccine candidates to treat Ebola through a DARPA funded collaboration. Click the image below to view the video.

US Congressman Kevin Brady visited the VGXI manufacturing facility in The Woodlands, TX on May 4th, 2015 to tour the production plant and provide a statement on the impact of this work and the DNA-based therapeutics being produced at VGXI. Leadership from Inovio Pharmaceuticals and GeneOne Life Sciences were also present to provide a brief overview of the collaboration and the scope of the DARPA funded project.

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How these therapies are different from other Ebola vaccines in development:

  • The vaccine contains DNA only – no virus particles or proteins will be manufactured
  • The vaccine can be used to treat to patients who have already been exposed to the virus
  • DNA vaccine production can be scaled-up very rapidly in case of anĀ outbreak

Full details of the DARPA funding and development of new treatments for Ebola can be found in the following press release:
Inovio Pharmaceuticals Selected by DARPA to Lead a $45 Million Program to Expedite Development of Novel Products to Prevent and Treat Disease Caused by Ebola