500L Fermenter being inoculated with cell culture

Each plasmid is unique. VGXI has the knowledge and experience to optimize fermentation based upon your plasmid’s specific requirements. Advantages of VGXI Fermentation include:

  • Fully automated process
  • E. coli fermentation up to 500L
  • Experience with both batch and fed batch methods
  • Experience with both antibiotic and antibiotic free selection

The fermentation process occurs under strictly controlled growth parameters and is carefully monitored from the moment the bacteria enter the fermentor to the point of harvest.

To view a video showing how plasmids are produced using fermentation, click the link to the right.

Want to See How Plasmids are Made?

Our video demonstrates how plasmids are made using fermentation.

Fermentation Still


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VGXI Plasmid DNA Fermentation