An incredible amount of work goes into getting a biopharmaceutical to the point where it is ready for a clinical trial.  So it only makes sense to use the highest quality plasmids possible to give your clinical trial the best chance of success.

Superior Manufacturing Technology Means Superior Results.independent study conducted to determine level of genomic dna contamination

A recent head-to-head comparison demonstrated that VGXI’s patented AIRMIX advanced cell lysis technology produced plasmids with 4 to 82x less genomic contamination than four other CMOs.  When you use VGXI to manufacture plasmid for your clinical trial, you will have peace of mind knowing that your clinical trial has the best chance of success.

The Proof Is In The Concentration.

VGXI’s AIRMIX lysis technology is so effective that it allows us to produce plasmids at concentrations as high as 15 mg/ml.  Most other CMOs can only achieve concentrations in the 3-5 mg/ml range because of high genomic DNA contamination.

Patented AIRMIX Advanced Lysis Technology