Low Rates of HPV Vaccination a Result of Parental Fears?

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Vaccines like GARDASIL® (marketed by Merck) and CERVARIX® (marketed by GlaxoSmithKline) have been widely available since 2006 and 2009, respectively. However, in an analysis of national survey data, 40% of parents in 2010 said that they did not intend to have their adolescent daughters vaccinated. The study partially points a finger […]

Writing in a cGMP Environment: Some Tips on Word Usage

 This week’s blog article is geared towards technical writers and those of us who work or operate in a cGMP environment. We are all very familiar with the associated rules and regulations for “appropriate” documentation: not only must everything be documented scrupulously, the way we word our documents also plays a key role in how […]

DNA Vaccine Delivery Dilemma Solved? Introducing the Painless Patch

Scientists have published a new research paper in the journal Nature Materials that demonstrates that through the use of a pain-free microneedle patch, a DNA Vaccine can be delivered over 100 times more effectively than a regular needle injection. Working much like a tattoo gun, the patch is capable of delivering the vaccine through several […]

Our Top 5 Most Interesting DNA Vaccine Articles of 2012

Even though 2013 is already under way and there is a constant influx of new information, we wanted to make this an opportunity to look back at 2012 and relive some of our most memorable posts. So here they are, the 5 posts of 2012 that we have deemed the most interesting. Enjoy! 1.) What […]

New Gene Therapy Tool Precisely Cuts DNA for a Fraction of the Cost

New looks into DNA editing have led researchers to discover a relatively simple, accurate, and cost-effective way to cut DNA in desired areas to remove faulty genes and replace them with genes that function properly. Discovered in 2012 by a group of researchers from Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of California, Berkeley, and the Laboratory […]