New White Paper Released – Stability of Plasmid DNA Products

Stability of Plasmid DNA Products: A Review of the Data For any pharmaceutical product, an important consideration is the handling and environmental conditions that the material may experience from the time it is manufactured until final dosing of a patient. Plasmid DNA is generally recognized to have exceptional stability compared to other biologics such as […]

New White Paper Released – Calculating your DNA plasmid needs.

Calculating the amount of plasmid DNA needed for a  clinical trial may seem straightforward – simply multiply the dose by the number of doses to be administered.  However, there are many factors to consider, and the required production scale may be several times the amount needed for clinical dosing. This white paper walks through one case study to illustrate how much plasmid […]

Second Generation DNA Vaccines and Delivery Methods

Second Generation DNA Vaccines DNA vaccines have come a long way resulting in a second generation of vast improvements bringing a surge of interest to the community. In both small and large animal models, second-generation DNA vaccines show that they assist cellular and humoral immune responses. Additionally, research suggests that newer DNA vaccines can more […]

Vaccines Have Been Known to Prevent Disease, What if they could Treat Disease?

Traditional vaccines are designed to prevent disease; researchers are working on something new: therapeutic vaccines, vaccinations that treat a disease after you have it. Currently, vaccine research is underway to use therapeutic vaccines to medically treat diseases such as: HIV, Herpes, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer Standard preventative vaccines work by helping your immune system develop […]

[BLOG] Dengue Fever 101

Since it became a global issue during World War II, researchers and scientists have been struggling to develop a vaccine for Dengue fever.  To date, there has been no success in eradicating this disease.  Before we get to the specifics of the challenges this disease presents, let’s cover the symptoms related to this tropical disease. […]